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  • 1978 ~ 1999
  • 2000 ~ 2009
  • 2010 ~
  • January 1980
    NEPI was incorporated into the newly established Environment Administration
    January 1978
    Established as the National Environmental Protection Institute (NEPI)under the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs in Seoul
  • February 2009
    Changed from an organization based on function to one based on environmental media
    March 2007
    The Environmental Health and Safety Department was renamed the Environmental Health Research Department,and the Chemicals Assessment Department was newly created
    February 2006
    The Environmental Training Department was spun off as the National Institute of Environmental Human Resources Development
    July 2005
    Renamed the National Institute of Environmental Research
    July 2000
    Relocated to Environmental Research Complex in Incheon
  • May 2019
    Transfer of control of the National Wetland Center to the National Institute of Ecology
    February 2019
    Humidifier Disinfectant Health Center was newly created
    March 2018
    Research functions related to climate atmosphere and water environment will be strengthened and Environmental Satellite Center was newly created
    May 2014
    Air Quality Forecasting Center was newly created
    January 2012
    National Wetland Center was newly created
    September 2011
    Soil&Groundwater Research Division was set up -5 Departments, 16 Divisions, 5 Research Centers, 2Centers
    July 2010
    Reorganized -5 Departments, 15 Divisions,2 Research Centers, 2Centers
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