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Environmental Health

We strengthen research to protect the public health and ecosystem from harmful environmental factors by

  • calculating representative values of public exposure to harmful environmental factors and environmental health indices.
  • monitoring and evaluating the environment and health for populations vulnerable to environmental pollution and identifying the health impacts.
  • conducting constant surveillance of avian inuenza and research on wildlife diseases.
  • conducting risk assessments on environmental pollutants and chemicals contained in potentially harmful products.
  • conducting research on biological test systems for ecotoxicity and inhalation toxicity tests.
  • conducting safety assessments on materials of global concern including nanomaterials and studying relevant control measures.
  • registering, producing and releasing information on chemicals through risk assessments.
  • conducting trace-driven research on environmental pollution sources using stable isotopes and multiple search methods.
  • conducting research on environmental behavior of materials of global concern: the Stockholm Convention, the Minamata Convention, etc.
※ More details can be found in the Annual Reports.
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