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Climate & Air Quality

We create cleaner air for the people by

  • conducting research on standards for ambient air quality and environmental pollution process tests.
  • improving air observation networks and establishing advanced management system.
  • monitoring air pollutants in urban, industrial complex and forest areas.
  • developing a geostationary environmental satellite and establishing the application system.
  • conducting integrated research of climate and air and strengthening emissions verication at national level.
  • further promoting international joint research to improve air quality in Northeast Asia.
  • preparing countermeasures against air pollution and pollutant emissions.
  • providing measures to control discharge of harmful air pollutants and volatile organic compounds from workplaces.
  • providing real-time air quality forecasting service and promoting emergency response for the public.
  • improving air quality forecasting techniques and the support system to enhance accuracy.
  • establishing a practical international cooperative system to introduce advanced air quality forecasting techniques.
※ More details can be found in the Annual Reports.
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