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Water Environment

We support water policies through scientific research and provide systematic countermeasures against changes in the water environment of rivers and lakes by

  • establishing groundwork and providing technical support for the Total Water Pollution Load Management System and nonpoint source pollution management.
  • investigating water pollution causes nationwide and establishing a foundation for integrated pollutant management.
  • improving comprehensive management of livestock excretions.
  • extending water environmental standards to protect people and aquatic organisms.
  • improving industrial wastewater management systems and eco-toxicity assessment practices.
  • conducting further research on algae to create safer water environments.
  • improving aquatic ecosystem health assessments and establishing a foundation for observation networks for living organisms.
  • conducting remote monitoring of water quality using hyperspectral sensors.
  • developing and operating real-time water quality forecasting systems to prevent water pollution accidents.
  • operating water quality forecasting systems for preemptive water quality management.
※ More details can be found in the Annual Reports.
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