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Environmental Resources

We create a virtuous cycle of resource recirculation for a healthy ecosystem by

  • improving the waste classication system for safer management of hazardous wastes.
  • conducting environmental evaluations on recycled products for safer reuse and recycling.
  • conducting research on enactment and revision of ofcial test methods for waste energy.
  • supporting the policy for advanced energy conversion of combustible waste resources.
  • improving efciency and stability in converting organic waste resources into energy.
  • supporting the zero-landll policy and developing measures to handle hazardous waste safely.
  • establishing environmental plans based on spatial materials including urban biotope maps.
  • developing a city evaluation index for Korea and introducing ‘No Net Loss of Green’ for realization of eco-cities.
  • predicting impacts of climate change and natural disasters and researching the countermeasures.
  • operating National Environmental Specimen Bank to retain and preserve environmental samples.
※ More details can be found in the Annual Reports.
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